11 March 2006

What is Pop Feminism + Lesson on online fraud and propaganda

First, here is WHAT IT ISN'T. Christopher John Moor, 25 year-old guy with a degree in genetics, signed up in Wikipedia.com is WRONG IN SAYING THAT...

"Pop feminism is a variety of feminism related to misandry and often a consequence of gynocentrism. Its proponents believe in the moral or other superiority of the female gender and cite it to promote social attitudes that favour a matriarchal society, where women enjoy superior rights and men are marginalised. Some groups believe that pop feminism has already instigated the creation of laws that discriminate against men, particularly in the fields of criminal and family law and sexual harassment civil codes.

Under pop feminism, beauty is a form of power, and careful attention to one's appearance yields control over men. This contrasts with other forms of feminism that view the quest for beauty as an artifact of a patriarchical society."

To view Mr. Moor's horrible post, click here. To top that, the same Moor article appears in Answers.com.

Mr. Moor, get out of Wikipedia! Pop feminism or any kind of feminism I can think of is not about hating males! You are actually invoking the reader to simply hate feminism and feminists. You give Wikipedia a bad name. Off with your head! If you know what I mean.

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